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Find out about us and why we wanted to go on our adventure across the globe....

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  We are the Hewins family from London, England. Benjamin is head flip-flop, husband and Daddy. Zyleen is the mama and wife of course. Emiliana and Zacharia are the babes of the bunch. Prior to our decision to sell up and travel the world, we had fairly normal lives. We went to work and school, enjoyed our weekends together, went on holidays and then did it all again! Work, play, work, play, work, play, rinse and repeat. A family bereavement put our lives into perspective and suddenly only a few things mattered. Family life and quality time. We seemed to work more than we played and unfortunately the British weather prevented a lot of after school fun. So we made a drastic decision to sell our belongings and become nomads!


Selling our belongings at a Car Boot sale


We left London in March 2018 and travelled for 1 year visiting 21 countries in total. We loved all our experiences around the World and felt free with new found spontaneity. After some family visits in Thailand and India, the kids started to crave routine and family other than us so we decided to take a break and head home.  

Arriving in London in March 2019, we had mixed emotions, but mostly happy to see all our lovely friends and family. Emiliana and Zacharia are loving school life and we are planning our next move. We would love to convert a bus into a camper van and explore Europe, that would be awesome!    But for now, we are enjoying family life and doing all those things that we have missed over the year aswell as re-visiting all the amazing places in our beautiful city, London.   Click here to read our blog post, "From Decision to Plan" to find out how we came to this decision!  
I’m Benjamin, I love spending time with my family, keeping fit, eating healthy and looking after myself. A typical day for me is, is up at 5am, 20 mins yoga, off to the gym for a work out, sauna and steam (does wonders for my skin). Back by 7am to help with getting the kids up and ready for school, then off to work. I work for myself as a Gas Engineer which has its perks but I can’t wait to give it all up and try something new. Although I have been running and doing my own workouts while we have been away, I am enjoying being back in the Gym! I love music, listening, but mostly playing instruments. I was restricted with space when we packed to go away so the guitar had to stay at home. Luckily the Ukulele and the harmonica were small enough to come with and provided lots of entertainment on the road. Click here to check out Emiliana and I in the ‘Daddy & Daughter Sessions’
I’m Zyleen, I am an Occupational Therapist and before we left London, I worked at a Wheelchair Service  assessing people for wheelchairs. My true passion is Radio, I used to be a DJ & presented on commercial radio and absolutely loved it! Music and chatting, an awesome combination and one that totally made me tick. DJ’ing is still a hobby of mine and something that will always give me a buzz. I love communicating and sharing our life with others so having this blog and our social media platforms is so perfect!
I’m Emiliana. I am 6 years old and I loved travelling! School is cool too so coming home to the same school and friends has been so fun. I love everything pink and sparkly, swimming, trying new foods and fashion. My mum always says that I take too long getting ready but I just love experimenting with hand bags and hair accessories. I have missed having a big wardrobe as we travelled with small bags.

Emiliana’s Corner

I’m Zacharia, I am 3 years old now and I have already been to so many countries. My favourite was learning about the Maori people in New Zealand and sticking my tongue out! As I am the baby flip-flop I am very cheeky and good at getting away with things. My favourite toy is my soft Rubble teddy, he is a character from Paw Patrol. Playing with my sister is fun too, we get up to a lot of mischief together.  I just started nursery school and it has been so fun. I have two best friends already and even a friend who is a girl but she doesn’t wear lipstick!

The Flip Flop Family

The Flip Flop Family have decided to kick our daily routines to the kerb and travel in the pursuit of fun and adventure! Join in our journey.