Easy Fancy-looking Appetizer

As we have been travelling for so long, we haven’t had the chance to entertain for aaagges!

We love having our friends and family over and cooking for them. So this May Bank holiday, we did exactly that.

We went all out with appetizers, starters, mains of home-made lamb kebabs and tandoori chicken and a cool Easter egg berry bowl dessert.

The quickest thing we made actually looked the fanciest which is why we wanted to share it.

Here is how to make Brie Bites:


  • Pack of puff pastry ready rolled
  • A jar of your favourite chutney or jam. We used fig chutney & marmalade
  • A triangle of Brie
  • Small handfull of fresh rosemary (optional)
  • Spray oil (optional)


  • Spray a tiny bit of oil into the holes of 2 muffin trays
  • Cut the pastry into squares about 3x3inches
  • Place one in each muffin hole
  • Cut the brie into small squares 1x1cm
  • Place 1 brie square on each pastry square
  • Dollop 1/2 tsp of your favourite chutney/jam on top
  • Finish with a tiny sprig of fresh rosemary
  • Put the trays into the oven on 150degrees fan and cook for 15minutes.
  • Brie bites are ready once pastry has risen and looks golden

Serve immediately, but watch out as the middle will be very hot!

This was such an easy appetizer to make and kids were able to help too.

Hope you like them x

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