From Decision to Plan
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From Decision to Plan

Making the decision to take the plunge reminds me of when we named our first child. We were so sure that she was going to be a boy that we only thought of one girls name that we liked. So when we saw that we had a girl, there was only one name to use. But we didn’t discuss it after baby was born. Ben started calling her ‘Emiliana’ and although I still loved the name, it sounded so unfamiliar and the name didn’t quite fit her yet as she was so small.

With this trip, I feel like we didn’t really make the decision to go, but instead made the decision not to stay. And once we had realised that, I guess we didn’t need to discuss it anymore, so the selling process began! We sold everything we owned, from our car to our furniture. Although the plan is to go travelling for a year, there is not return flight booked as yet so who knows where the future will take us!

Selling all our possessions will not only help fund our trip but also free ourselves of materialistic needs. I am most looking forward to being free, feeling free, just a bag on our backs and our family by our sides. This, teamed up with good health is surely all one needs? Well, only time will tell!

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