Get that holiday feeling with an easy hair wrap!

When I think of hair wraps, I think of being on holiday. But theyvare actually super easy to do yourself. Emiliana loves having them in her hair and as long as you don’t keep them in for too long, they are harmless and fun!

This is what you will need:

▪ embroidery thread in lots of colours

▪ scissors

▪ rubber hair tie

▪ beads are optional

▪ spray water bottle can be helpful

This is an easy how to guide:

  • Partition the hair and select a small section to wrap
  • Plait the section and use a small rubber band or a bit of embroidery thread to tie the end
  • Select your embroidery thread colours that you would like to use. Measure the lengths to more than double the length of the hair
  • At this point you can either thread the embroidery thread through the top of the hair to tie it like in the photo
  • Then just start wrapping using both lengths of the same colour each time.
  • You can do stripes or criss-cross designs too
  • Once you get to the end, tie a knot using the threads that are left.
  • You can add beads to embellish your hair wrap.

After a few tries, you will find that your hair wraps look very pro!

Happy Creating x

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