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Langkawi Adventure Park

When you walk around Langkawi, you will see the tour desks selling tickets to the Adventure & Xtreme Park. At first we thought 10 activities in 1 day might be a bit too much for our young kids and we only really wanted to do the Sky Bike. But after we delved into the tour further, we realised that you only spend a short time on each activity and actually that keeps the kids entertained for longer!

Yes, the grounds are a little run down and the equipment isn’t of the highest spec, but I believe they are trying to improve this. It’s reasonably priced and you get to try a real variety of activities.

This day out in Langkawi was our favourite day on the Island and we are so glad we decided to go. Each activity lasted for the right amount of time and we thoroughly enjoyed the action!

The ticket price included transfers to and from the venue and our daughter aged 6years was half the price of an adult ticket. Under 3s are free.

The staff on site were very friendly and entertained our little ones when they could not take part in some activities like the Sky Bike and The Ghost House.

We enjoyed all the activities apart from the Ghost House which wasn’t very well done but we did not book this day out for the ghost house so we were not too fussed.

Hope you enjoy our video, do comment or leave us a message if you need any more information.

Happy Travels x


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