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Renting a Condo in Bangkok

So, this was a very interesting experience! Finding a condo in Bangkok to rent for a month was actually way more stressful than we thought it was going to be. We had looked on Air bnb prior to reaching Bangkok and did a lot of research about the best way around it.

We weren’t sure how long we were going to spend in Bangkok, but we knew it would be at least a month. All roads led to going to Bangkok and viewing condos directly. So that is exactly what we did! As we have been to Bangkok so many times, we knew which areas we liked which were in north Bangkok near Chatuchak weekend market. We booked a hotel for 2 nights in between Chatuchak and Lat Prao and started googling. We got a Thai sim card straight away to help with the search. We came across loads of condos and called the ones that had phone numbers, some spoke english and other told us to send them a message on Line. So I downloaded ‘Line ID’ which is like Whatsapp and found it very helpful particularly with the language barrier. 

It was pretty exhausting going around on foot in 33degree heat, especially with kids in tow.


This is a list of all the places we looked into and what their responses were.

The Seed Terre, Lumpini Place, iPremium Sukhumvit, Let’s Live, Knightsbridge Prime, Abstracts Condo, Bangkok Feliz Mayor, Condo U Vipa – 1 year minimum contract 

Quinn Condo (085 480 1040) – 1 year minimum direct / available for monthly rentals on air bnb

V.I.P Condo (095 558 4599) – 8000bh p/m for 1 bedroom & slow wifi. No children policy due to low balcony. 1 month rent deposit required

The Plim Place (087 716 3868) – 38000bh p/m for a 2 bed excluding water & electricity / gym & pool inc | 26000bh p/m for a studio apartment including all bills and amenities

Supalai Park (02 725 8888)- 1 year minimum direct / available for monthly rentals on air bnb

Le Bangkok Paradise (081 357 8527)- 1000bh p/n for a 1 bedroom including kitchen but no stove

Pertico (092 048 4823) – 15000bh p/m for a studio

BB Home (086 336 3304) – 16000bh p/m for a studio, no kitchen, deposit 4000bh

The Next Condo (089 211 0463) – 11,000bh per month for a 1 bed, no kitchen

Mi Casa Apartment (098 775 7556) – 8000bh p/m for a 1 bed, no kitchen, 1000bh extra for TV & Fridge

T3 Residence (087 820 8333) – 1,300bh per night for a studio


After doing all the above research, we realised that a lot of condos do not have kitchens and most that do have a kind of kitchen, do not have a stove. The reason for this is that cooked Thai food is so readily available at a low price. Whether it is street food or fresh ready meals from the supermarket, food is everywhere in Bangkok and so easy to find. After doing a grocery shop here, it is clear that it is cheaper to buy most meals readymade than it is to buy the raw ingredients and cook it yourself.

After 2 days researching, we ended up going back to the trusted Air bnb app. We found a great place with a fab gym and swimming pool and right next to an MRT station.

We hope this blog helps someone looking for a condo in Bangkok, but if you are looking for a fully equipped place for 1-2 months, Air bnb might be the best bet!

Happy Travelling



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