Sneakerhead Decision
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Sneakerhead Decision

Just ask my wife about the relationship I have with trainers and she will vouch that it quite possibly rivals the love I have for her, but please refrain from asking me as I may end up venturing around southend while my family venture the world.

Trainers are a massive part of my life, im definitely what the youngsters call a “sneakerhead’. I go to conventions and am always looking out for the latest creps (trainers), so the decision of what will be cradling my feet around for the next year has to be made with an incredible air of methodical significance.

Ive been advised by the powers that be (wife) that 1 pair is usually typical of a traveller but i’m no ordinary traveller, besides who needs so much underwear, Id much prefer to hold that space for a pair of Adidas EQTs you know the red, white and black ones with the 3 stripe over the sole and the mesh top (ok I’ll stop).

When faced with this dilemma my brain Initially navigated towards a nice light coloured pair of Nike Air Max Ultra 90s, possibly my favourite trainer but that’s me thinking with my heart, I needed to explore the market and think practically so after extensive probing around I came up with 2 heavyweights.


Nike Air Max Ultra 90 and Adidas Ultra Boost Verdict

Nike Air Max Ultra 90 – What a shoe – The waffle pattern on the outsole of the shoe provides additional traction keeping the wearer from slipping, they are lightweight, comfortable, breathable, durable and reasonably priced which all sounds amazing. Ive had at least 15 pairs of these in the past and can vouch for there comfort whilst walking for long durations. Nothing could possibly beat these or could they….????

Adidias Ultra Boost – Another Banger of a Shoe – Known for a great running shoe the ultra boost was released in 2015 with mad success (although I prefer running in adidas galaxy). The feeling of comfort my foot felt as I slipped into the left shoe was quite frankly nothing I’ve felt before. These were everything the Air Max Had but better (which hurts me to say). I wasn’t a fan of the tip of the shoe which creates a curvy effect facing upwards a bit like an alladin shoe but that seemed like the only negative.

The shoe ventilates well and is incredibly light at 303g in comparison to the air max at 386g. The thick sole cushioning makes for a supreme walk in any terrain and boosts a water resistant top thumbs up. This comes at a whopping price of around £100.00 but as I’ll practically be living in them, this is a small price to pay for constant comfort. (plus my cousin gets 20{97c9fe0547ae6746a330232dbe141dd03d492a12beb93b633605ef935a6e2149} student price off) HOLLAAA!


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