The Taj Mahal
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The Taj Mahal

Visiting the iconic Taj Mahal was actually the last attraction on our list after 2 months of travelling from South to North of India!

We were super excited as we had read that the Taj Mahal was one of those places that totally lived up to all the hype. We continued reading loads of blogs to make sure that we were equipped for our visit. Everything we read on-line pointed to an early morning visit. The reasons for this was to beat the long queues, the crowds inside the mausoleum, to watch the sun rising behind the Taj and to of course get that perfect photo with the least amount of people around. Although we have young children, we were up for having one last early morning and the kids were just excited as we were.

Cute outfits at the ready, we were up when it was still dark and walked about 7 minutes to the East Gate entrance. The ticket office was opposite the entrance to the right.

Tourist ticket cost 1300rupees including entrance to the actual mausoleum (1250 when paying by card)

This includes a water bottle and shoe covers for use when entering the mausoleum

Indian national ticket cost is 250rupees

The receipt serves as your ticket and grants you 1 entry only. Once you have your ticket, head across to the entrance and wait for it to be checked. If you buy an Indian ticket, IDs are checked at the entrance. Men and women are split up for security checks. You cannot take any eatables or drinks inside apart from the bottle of water you are given and bags go through an x-ray machine.

Our view of the Taj Mahal

We continued out tour of the grounds, including the mosque, meeting house and the piste resistance, the mausoleum. It was actually quite warm inside the mausoleum but we were ushered round fairly quickly.

By the 10am we were finished looking around, there was  no sign of the fog lifting and the kids were too cold so we had to go. With a lot of hindsight and no beautiful photos of the Taj, we walked to the exit and back to our hotel. 

As our accommodation was so close to the Taj that you could see it clearly from the rooftop but not at 10am. After breakfast, we headed back up to the rooftop and had butterflies as the Taj had appeared in the distance. At that point we knew that we had to go back!

Finally, the view we were hoping for

By midday we were back on the Taj grounds and so so happy to finally see the Taj Mahal in all it’s glory. It was magnificent. We spent a long time walking around and taking it all in. Yes the ground were a lot more busy but it didn’t matter at all. We were at the Taj, THE Taj Mahal!!


After having this experience, we want to help you have a perfect visit. So, these are our top tips!

  • Don’t rely on the weather forecast. There was no fog forecasted the day we visited. 
  • Do wake up early and have a look outside to check if it is foggy. If you have a rooftop restaurant, go and see for yourself.
  • If you are not fussed about seeing the sunrise behind the Taj, just save yourself the hassle and go later. Midday worked perfectly for us and it was a day in January 2019.
  • They are strict about the one-time entry so if you don’t get to see the Taj the first time, likelihood is that you will have to pay again!
  • The Taj Mahal is closed every Friday. It is open to believers who attend the mosque.
  • The Taj has maintenance work carried out every Friday, the water is removed from the isles and pools and is not refilled again till after 10am on Saturday. 
  • You can also get great views of the back of the Taj for a much lower fee, if you head to Mehtab Bagh gardens.
  • If you keep walking past the East gate entrance of the Taj on your left and head straight, you will reach the Yamuna River. Here, you can take a small boat to the other side but if won’t take you to the left which is directly behind the Taj. We have seen some lovely photos on Instagram that were take at sunset so you could give that a go too.


That Perfect Photo!

  • Take photos at every angle, why not? 
  • Wear colourful clothes as it looks great against the white marble Taj Mahal
  • If visiting on a Saturday, go from midday onwards if you want to see the Taj reflection in the pools
  • Once you are in and can see the Taj straight ahead, keep walking till you get to the last pool. This is a great spot as there is no bench in the way and bushes along the sides which blocks a lot of people.
  • walk to the right of the last pool and you will see more hedges and benches. If you position yourself correctly, you can get a great photo with lots of greenery surrounding the Taj Mahal
  • Have fun, this is an amazing wonder of the World, after you have soaked it all in, have fun with your camera and all the filters, boomerang and why not even snapchat! You will have great fun re-living all those moments for years to come.

We really hope this blog helps you to plan the perfect visit to the Taj Mahal. If we have missed anything, please do comment below.

Happy Travelling


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